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From the early days of a young soccer enthusiast to the seasoned professional and dedicated coach, the journey of Joe Flanagan has been nothing short of inspirational. Through FSA, he seeks to channel this passion and expertise into molding the next generation of soccer stars.


About Joe

Meet Joe Flanagan, a man with soccer pulsating through his veins. As a former collegiate and professional player, Joe's love for the game transcends the field. His transition into coaching has been marked with significant achievements, and through FSA, he endeavors to share his vast knowledge and experience.

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About Us

Flanagan Soccer Academy, founded by Joe Flanagan, is not just another soccer training ground; it's an institution built on passion, dedication, and a deep love for the game. With over 35 years in the soccer landscape, Joe has created FSA to develop, nurture, and elevate young talent. Our core values revolve around imparting not just skills but also the ethos and spirit of soccer. We stand out because we believe in a holistic approach to training, where every player's dreams and aspirations are given wings.

Joe's Journey


Collegiate Career During these formative years, Joe was part of the Cal State Dominguez Hills men's soccer team. By the end of his college tenure, he had cemented his place as the school's all-time goal scorer.

2000 & 2008

NCAA Division II Coach of the Year In these years, Joe showcased his coaching mettle by winning the NCAA Division II Men's Soccer Championship twice and earning the coveted title of National Coach of the Year on both occasions.


Legacy and Dedication With over 500 wins at the college level, multiple championships, and a slew of accolades, Joe's legacy in the world of soccer continues to inspire. Through FSA, he is committed to shaping the next generation of soccer prodigies.

I highly recommend FSA camps and clinics. My 8 year old twins were engaged, improved their skills, and looked forward to going each week! 5+stars!

Debbie M.

  • What age groups does FSA cater to?
    FSA Clinics offers programs for players ranging from ages 5 to 13. We also offer specialized training for ages 14 and above.
  • Who will be coaching at FSA?
    While Joe Flanagan personally oversees many of the programs, FSA boasts a team of experienced coaches who have been handpicked for their expertise and passion for soccer.
  • Are there any opportunities for advanced players at FSA?
    Yes, FSA offers specialized programs like the Gamechangers Club and the Upper90 clinic, specifically designed for players seeking advanced training and exposure.
  • Does FSA assist in college soccer recruitment?
    Absolutely! With Joe's extensive experience and network in the collegiate soccer world, FSA provides invaluable guidance, video analysis and exposure for players aspiring to play at the college level.
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